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330.972 km²
96.160.163 inhabitants
Currency = dong


My experience in Vietnam


A unique transformation is taking place in the Altiplano in southern Spain: hundreds of farmers and entrepreneurs are organizing themselves to realize the restoration of 630,000 hectares of degraded lands.

Together with association AlVelAl, Commonland developed a large-scale 4 returns landscape restoration plan for the region, which will be implemented in the coming years. One of the aspects of the restoration plan is the almendrehesa concept: an integrated production system which combines almond and local trees with aromatic oil crops, beekeeping, and sustainable grazing of the endemic lamb species. This productive ecosystem decreases erosion, restores water balance, enhances biodiversity, and beautifies the landscape. Altogether, this enhances the local economy while promoting local pride and inspiration. 

Next to that, over 30 business cases with the potential to contribute to landscape restoration have been identified and we are establishing several demo farms and a research center to support capacity building and demonstrate the economic potential of the almendrehesa concept.